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ĐNA – After going through preliminary rounds, training skills, perfecting ideas, after 4 months, 9 project ideas have been featured in the final round of the contest "Innovative ideas for smart water use", took place on April 22, 2023 at the University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang.

The idea "Proposing technology to reuse water combined with creating green landscape at Homestay" of the HPTY group includes friends Nguyen Ngoc Han (20MT class – Team leader), Pham Thi Minh Yen, Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, Ngo Huu Thanh Phuoc (same class of 18MT) and Nguyen Van Trung (class of 17MT); topic guide: Master - PhD student Phan Thi Kim Thuy; with the advice and suggestions of Dr. Tran Ha Quan, MSc. Hoang Ngoc n (Faculty of Environment - University of Technology, University of Danang), excellently won the first prize of the contest (the first time it was held).

Mr. Vo Nguyen Chuong (right cover photo, Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment); Dr. Nguyen Dinh Huan (first person, from left) - Dean of the Faculty of Environment, University of Science and Technology - University of Danang awarded the first prize to 3 representatives of the Health Care Team. Photo: Ngo Huyen.

“Innovative ideas for smart water use” are coordinated by the Danang Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR), Institute of Environmental Science and Technology - Hanoi University of Science and Technology and University of Science and Technology, University of Danang.

The contest became a very meaningful activity, raising awareness and "sensitivity" of the young community to the issue of maintaining water resources; arousing passion, creativity, promoting the spirit of scientific research and creative movement among students and trainees of universities, colleges and intermediate schools in the area; select ideas, initiatives, designs, and models of water reuse in a smarter, more economical direction.

From a wet soil model to a more sustainable water reuse
“Tourism is holding an important position in Da Nang's economy, the type of homestay tourism is growing strongly, attracting tourists who want to experience Vietnamese life, close to nature. In which, many homestays have been operating in the upstream of Cu De River, Da Nang in combination with all kinds of picnics, camping, visiting or living in homestays in the area. An urgent problem is raised: most of the domestic wastewater discharged directly (from homestays) is discharged directly into the soil environment; Wastewater (untreated) from the underground sewer (of the homestay) leaks into the Cu De River….

“Water is not an inexhaustible resource. Wasteful use or actions that adversely affect water resources are one of the many reasons that prompted the Action Group…. Through this, the Group wishes to send a message to raise awareness and call for the cooperation of the whole community and businesses in taking early action to protect water safety.


The topic "Proposal of technology to reuse water in combination with creating green landscape at Homestay" of HPTY Group.

"We have surveyed, researched and proposed to reuse wastewater using a wet soil model, for the purpose of watering plants around the Homestay campus, creating a green landscape for the area. More importantly, this proposal towards a wastewater treatment process, towards sustainable water reuse, contributing to the protection of water resources in the Cu De river basin” – Nguyen Ngoc Han, class 20MT, Faculty of Environment, University of Technology – University of Danang, Team Leader and friend Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, member of HPTY Group, shared.

During the 4 months of implementing the project, members of the HPC have overcome many challenges. First of all, the journey to visit homestays in Hoa Bac commune is quite far. Of the 9 topics, this is the one you have to move farthest in the opposite direction to the western highlands of Da Nang. In addition, the Group had to carefully calculate and discuss the feasibility and high applicability for each proposal, so that when it comes to it, it can be implemented into reality for reuse of water resources.

“In order to protect the main domestic water supply for Da Nang, the team came up with the idea of ​​​​cleaning wastewater using a wet soil model, through a wastewater collection system and preliminary treatment (the proposal includes designing an anaerobic tank). baffled gas; setting up and operating the wet soil model).
“Homstay wastewater is collected, then treated in an anaerobic tank with baffles and then pumped into a wet soil model (cleaned), stored in a storage tank to water plants in the homestay area. The residual water (all treated and cleaned) is discharged into the Cu De River," explained Pham Thi Minh Yen.

According to the Organizing Committee, the contest "Innovative ideas for smart water use" aims to find solutions, models and proposals suitable to the scale and conditions of production, business and service establishments. services, small and medium enterprises in Da Nang city.

“The proposed group model is suitable for homestays that do not have infrastructure for wastewater collection and treatment systems located in the Cu De river basin. Towards the goal of protecting the water quality of Cu De River - the main source of domestic water for the city. Da Nang after 2022. When the deployment model is put into practice for Homestays, the cost will be reduced to about 100 million for a system depending on the design capacity, including: system design and installation costs. Drainage pipeline system, design and build models, buy and plant suitable plants (can be replaced with native plants),” said Nguyen Van Trung and Ngo Huu Thanh Phuoc.

The young community is increasingly sensitive and responsible to the issues of resource protection and environmental protection. Photo: T.Ngoc.

Enhance community responsibility in resource use
Towards the goal of sustainable development of the home city, the CHP Group shared a "way" of a circular economy, rational reuse of resources (watering trees, lawns, flowers, ...) costs (clean water consumption, wastewater treatment). The amount of water (waste) released is also safe and does not pollute the natural environment. And the great meaning of the topic is that if many homestays apply together, it will become a widespread companion of the service business community, better protecting the water source of the Cu De River.

“The process of implementing the topic, has linked our group into a block, worked very well, shared everything with each other wholeheartedly. The group name is also the first letter of the name of the members of the HPTY group (Han, Phuoc, Thao, Yen, Trung).

The students in the group actively supported and helped the first and second year students make good use of the knowledge imparted by the teacher in the lecture hall, while learning more new knowledge, and then immediately put that knowledge into practice, contributing to accumulating valuable professional experience for our future work. In addition, when conducting field surveys, our team always receives enthusiastic welcome and help from the homestay owners", said Team Leader Nguyen Ngoc Han.

Blue Sun Group and PWG Group received the second prize. Photo: Ngo Huyen.

2 Second prizes of the contest "Innovative ideas for smart water use", awarded for the topic "Application of adaptive infrastructure solutions to saltwater treatment in the estuary area of ​​Da Nang city", of the Group Blue Sun; “Mini upstream water filter”, by PWG Group. 2 third prizes: "Water reuse cycle for Pullman Danang Resort", of MT - Super Group and "Smart water use at University of Science and Technology, University of Danang", of the 18th Water Supply and Sewerage Group 4 other topics and ideas received consolation prizes.

Representatives of the MT – Super Group and the 18th Water Supply and Sewerage Group (University of Science and Technology, University of Danang) received the third prize. Photo: Ngo Huyen.

The contest organizers said that, through the contest, the Research Teams (with 9 topics) have played a very important role, contributing to creating a lifestyle for the community, improving the responsibility in using resources, together with building "Da Nang - an environmental city, a sustainable ecological city in the future".

And one of the many expectations of the contest is to create more effects and interest of the community and society, especially businesses operating in the area, for the requirement to conserve water, recycle wastewater refund.

Students from Faculty of Environment (University of Science and Technology, University of Danang) practice taking water to assess environmental impacts on Phu Loc river. Photo: T.Ngoc.

For ideas, solutions and research topics that are highly applicable and feasible, there are opportunities to find and connect with business incubators and innovation centers in the city, to conditions to incubate and develop ideas into products in reality. This will promote responsibility and lead many responsible ideas in the young community of Da Nang, a community that is becoming more and more sensitive to environmental issues and climate change.

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