16/07/2021 | Viết bởi:


In order to identify the current problems of water management in Vietnam, we have participated in research activities to evaluate the overview of Vietnam's political economy, and the status of water pollution issues to design and implement the network's water conservation activities. We worked with experts and developed the following research reports:


1. POLITICAL ECONOMY ANALYSIS in terms of water pollution


This study is an overview based on domestic and international studies on the political economy of Vietnam with thematic perspectives related to environmental protection and water pollution. The analysis will highlight the driving forces affecting Vietnam's economy and politics, influencing water governance and pollution control. The analysis also identifies the role of stakeholders in this task and related policy-making processes. On that basis, the analysis will help CECR and the water conservation network to design their activities in accordance with the context and political relations, and policy-making processes at the central and local levels. The report's audience is therefore network members, funding agencies USAID, and other interested parties in the design and implementation of joint Water Conservation network activities.

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2. SITUATION ANALYSIS IN DANANG in terms of water pollution


This report focuses on reviewing and analyzing the current situation of surface water pollution problems in Da Nang city in order to provide a comprehensive and in-depth view of the design of activities of the project "Join hands with Water conservation action” (CAWACON) ensures sustainability and connects stakeholders in the work of “collective actions” to protect water resources. The report was developed based on IUCN's situational analysis and implementation methods including document review, in-depth interviews, consultation with regulatory authorities, workshops, and online surveys with stakeholders. In addition, the report makes use of the results of CECR's "No Plastic Oceans" project and USAID case studies on awareness-raising and behavior change communication in plastic waste management. The report delves into the main contents including the current status, developments, and risks of surface water pollution; pollution sources; the role of stakeholders including local communities; related policies; the impact of water pollution; key challenges; and recommendations for the CAWACON project.


Interested readers can download documents directly HERE