16/07/2021 | Viết bởi:


We develop a Strategic Plan for Policy Advocacy and Communication on Health and Water Conservation issues including specific objectives, implementation approach, target audience identification, and segmentation; we also develop key messages, identify communication channels, plan to produce communication and advocacy materials, and plan for monitoring and evaluation.


Our communication and advocacy activities:


- Post media products, create an online forum to share water conservation models, and update the latest policies on the VIWACON website.


- Organize a policy forum to create space for different stakeholders to exchange views and debates on water conservation and support VIWACON.


- Specific topics and issues of these policy dialogues will be determined through consultation meetings of the advisory group and VIWACON members and based on the context of the situation at the time.


- Policymakers and representatives of Government agencies will be involved at the beginning of the project through a number of approaches.