16/07/2021 | Viết bởi:


As part of the project, the members of the network will work together to not only raise public awareness of the causes of water pollution and its impact on health and the economy, but also transforms into a sense of sharing responsibility for protecting rivers, streams, lakes, and coastal waters.


We hope people, businesses, scientists, and stakeholders will have the opportunity to join us in implementing community-based initiatives/models. The initiatives will then be discussed and implemented, with the results and lessons aggregated to support the development of local water conservation policies.

Through local activities in coordination and consultation with stakeholders, we will:


- Identify initiatives, and provide technical assistance (TA) to network members to develop detailed plans and specific expectations based on available resources.


- Collaborate and implement resource mobilization activities with local stakeholders and the private sector.






We are currently working on a number of initiatives in Da Nang and Hanoi, including:


In Da Nang

- Initiative to prevent water pollution at the boat dock and Tho Quang fishing port;

- Initiative to build a model of residential areas for sustainable development, implemented in 05 residential areas in Thanh Khe and Hoa Vang - Da Nang;

- Initiative to promote water reuse initiatives according to the circular economy approach implemented at least 2 enterprises in Da Nang;

- Initiative to coordinate in implementing activities of the Coordination Board for Integrated Management of Vu Gia - Thu Bon river basin and Quang Nam - Da Nang coastal area;

- Initiative to develop an annual plan to implement the Project "Building Da Nang - an environmental city";

- Initiative to develop a set of indicators to evaluate environmental protection and management at the district/district level based on community surveys;

- Initiative to mobilize resources to control and improve the environment of Phu Loc river;

- Initiative to apply IT tools on the website to share best practices, activities, and community models in water conservation and environmental protection;

- Initiative to enhance the participation of communities and businesses in water resource protection through environmental education and communication.


PURPOSE: Raise awareness and promote water pollution reduction initiatives, mobilize resources and engage stakeholders and communities in preventing pollution sources from wastewater and waste, in order to protect the quality of surface water sources in Da Nang city. In particular, the key project aims to contribute to the effective implementation of the Project "Building Da Nang - An Environmental City in the 2021 - 2030" period.



In Hanoi

- Implement policy advocacy activities and provide technical support to legislative bodies and decision-making in the process of amending the Law on Water Resources 2012.

- Public awareness and resource mobilization programs to protect and conserve local water resources