16/07/2021 | Viết bởi:


We believe that the cooperation of everyone in society is the most important factor in protecting and preserving our water resources. Lessons from around the world have shown that water pollution cannot be stopped without meaningful participation and change from the public, communities, businesses, scientists and other social stakeholders. . With the hope that everyone will be aware of the current state of water pollution in Vietnam and raise awareness of water protection, we have built an online education program about water resources for everyone.


Our online education roadmap:


- Develop an online water conservation education program to raise public awareness and provide knowledge.


- Test and implement at middle schools, high schools, and groups of clubs working on environmental protection.


- A communication campaign to change awareness and behavior on water conservation will be developed and deployed to deliver important messages to promote the participation of policymakers, social organizations, and policymakers. society, the VIWACON network, the media, and citizens in the fight against water pollution.