Protect Cu De River, an important water reserve of the city

27/03/2023 | Viết bởi: HOÀNG HIỆP

DNO - On March 21, in Hoa Bac commune (Hoa Vang district), the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in collaboration with the District Party Committee and the People's Committee of Hoa Vang district held a scientific conference "Join hands to protect water resources in the basin" Cu De River", in response to World Water Day (March 22).

Bí thư Huyện ủy Hòa Vang Tô Văn Hùng khẳng định, huyện đang bảo vệ, gìn giữ nguồn nước sông Cu Đê cho thành phố. Ảnh: HOÀNG HIỆP
Secretary of Hoa Vang District Party Committee To Van Hung affirmed that the role of Cu De River is very important in supplying water for daily life to the city. Photo: HOANG HIEP

At the workshop, Secretary of the Hoa Vang District Party Committee To Van Hung said that Da Nang is exploiting water mainly from the Vu Gia River, which flows through many densely populated residential areas, urban development areas and is almost impossible to control. The quality of water flowing to the city, therefore, the role of Cu De River is very important in providing quality domestic water.

Hoa Lien water plant is about to be put into operation and the joint action to protect Cu De river water resources taking place during this time also affirms the role and position of Cu De river in the city's water security. city.

The district determines the responsibility of the locality in protecting and preserving water sources for the whole city and is developing a plan to propagate to the people about "5 yes, 5 no", of which 1 "yes" means that people can responsibility for forest protection and water resource protection.

The district needs scientists, experts and relevant agencies to help remove and support specific solutions to protect and preserve water sources and resources for implementation, especially solutions to limit locality. damage and impacts caused by floods from Cu De river and socio-economic development.

The district also hopes to receive the cooperation and contribute to building an ecological urban model.

Quang cảnh hội thảo
View of the seminar "Join hands to protect water resources in Cu De river basin". Photo: HOANG HIEP

Deputy Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Quang Vinh said that protecting water resources is the responsibility of all agencies, organizations and individuals and must take prevention as the main thing, associated with the protection and development of forests, the ability to regenerate water resources, combined with the protection of water quality and aquatic ecosystems, overcoming and limiting pollution, degradation and depletion of water resources.

Protecting the Cu De River is a regular, long-term and extremely urgent task. Specific local solutions and actions in protecting the water source of Cu De river and the water reserve of Da Nang city to be deployed in the coming time are to protect watershed forests; protect the watershed of Cu De River; invest in a system of collecting and treating wastewater generated in residential areas along the river; continue to implement replacement afforestation projects in sub-zones in Hoa Bac commune and embankment projects in areas at risk of landslides...

Th.S. Huỳnh Vạn Thắng, nguyên Phó Giám đốc Sở Nông nghiệp và Phát triển nông thôn đề nghị có cơ chế hỗ trợ sinh kế cho người dân, đồng bào Cơ tu đang ngày đêm bảo vệ, gìn giữ nguồn nước cho thành phố. Ảnh: HOÀNG HIỆP
MSc. Huynh Van Thang, former Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, proposed a mechanism to support livelihoods for people, the Co Tu people are protecting and preserving water sources for the city. Photo: HOANG HIEP

Experts, scientists and managers also propose and recommend solutions for forest protection, environmental sanitation in the Cu De river basin, sustainable livelihoods, and community-based eco-tourism models.

MSc Huynh Van Thang, former deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Da Nang city, said that in the future, if building more reservoirs on the North River with a useful capacity of more than 50 million m3, it would only be exploited maximum water is about 400,000m3/day from Cu De river, the highest is 1/3 of the city's water demand.

Meanwhile, the exploitation of Vu Gia river water is not safe and there are always incidents in the past years.

Therefore, in addition to protecting the watershed forests and water resources in the basin to increase the water flow, in the far future, it is necessary to consider building a reservoir in the Vang River (Quang Nam province) together with the water resources in the basin a water system to supply additional water to the Cu De River in the dry season.

In the immediate future, the local government and related agencies need to propose a mechanism to support the livelihoods of the people, especially the Co Tu people, who are protecting the forest, water sources and water reserves days and nights.

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