22/04/2023 | Viết bởi: CECR

After the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to revive a dynamic and developing society, the most urgent thing now is to protect the Earth from pollution and keep a green, clean and beautiful environment!

Join VIWACON in carrying out the following tasks every day to contribute to making the Planet – Our common home more healthy and livable:

  • Cleaning and sanitation of village roads, alleys, neighborhoods, public amusement parks, ponds, canals,…;
  • Preserve and plant green trees and organic vegetables;
  • Limit the use of plastic bags or plastic bottles;
  • Take advantage of sunlight, choose energy-saving equipment; unplug the plugs from the outlet, turn off all electrical equipment when not in use;
  • Commuting by public transport or bicycle;
  • Eat food in the right season, grown right where you live;
  • Get electronic invoices instead of paper invoices;
  • Read on digital devices instead of printing documents;
  • Actively propagate and call for people around to join hands in implementation;
  • …